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Anti-Oxidant Alkaline (Pyramid Silk) Tea-Bag (for personal water restoration) & Jumbo mesh pouch that treats larger volumes.

SMALL SIZwaterpouch01E – We recommend one Silk water pouch in a container of 1 liter or less. Each pouch is good for 1-3 months or 30 re.lls. Place WaterPouch in container and leave for 10 minutes or longer. Shake a few times and then drink. Refill as desired for up to 3 months. When finished with the pouch discard it in your plants, aquarium or pond. It will then replenish your environment.

waterpouch02LARGE SIZE – We recommend 2 pouches to treat 1-3 gallons for up to 3 months. Place WaterPouch in container. Let it set for two hours or overnight for optimum water quality. Once youhave consumed the water, refill with fresh water again and again. The WaterPouch can be utilized for hydration/ drinking, washing, cooking, pets & plants, or anywhere else you need it. When you are finished with it in your drinking water, let it go to your garden where it will enrich the soil.

Bio-ceramic beads inside the pouch have received the NSF ANSI 42 certification for the polishing of water.
The most affordable and greenest way to get the highest quality antioxidant alkaline ionized mineral water

WaterPoucheswaterpouch03 contain thousands of special formula patented and FDA & NSF tested certified bio-ceramic beads that mimic the action of water when it comes in contact with rocks and minerals in native streams and springs. These beads are responsible for changing the structure and clustering of the water molecules, adding electricity/ions back into the water, infusing electrolyte minerals, as well as balancing water’s acdity creating a super water that has been shown to hydrate 3x better than tap waters.

Waterpouch transforms your water using Biomimicry to infuse the top five healing water qualities:

  • Antioxidant Effect : Improves heath and wellness for people and animals
  • Alkalinity Increase : Supports acidic waste removal and pH balance
  • Optimum Neg ORP : Increases reductive power supercharging and delivering vital oxygen
  • Electrolyte Infusion : Imparts water with bio-available minerals to balance metabolism
  • Micro-Clustering NMR : Improves water & nutrient absorption and utilization

Biomimicry changes the existing qualities of water in your bottle by increasing hydrogen and making your water taste better and feel softer to the palate.

Biomimic the Qualities of Healing Water in your Bottle

  1. Removes harmful active oxygen (free radicals)
  2. Increases water’s natural anti-oxidant effect
  3. Assists removal of acidic waste from cells and body
  4. Increases adsorption of water, nutrients, and co-factors
  5. Infuses important electrolyte minerals to help balance metabolism
  6. Produces strong negative ORP (oxygen reduction potential or redox)
  7. Increase Hydrogen
  8. Makes water taste better and feel softer to the palate
  9. Bio-ceramics inside received the NSF ANSI 42 certification for polishing of water and FDA approved
  10. Has Influence in neutralizing lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, selenium, silver, barium and chromium as well as toxins and organic pesticides
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