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My husband was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia over a year ago. We could not find any help for this, as there is no cure. We were referred to Dr Antonio Casalini in Orange County who developed these Genesis One lasers. We immediately went down for treatments with Dr. Kathy O’Connor, our good friend who was surprised that there might be a treatment for such a severe disease. She wanted to see for herself if this was real. My husband is stage one and after 5 laser treatments I saw a difference is his alertness, speech flow, and memory. Although this disease cannot be cured, we believe Genesis One Lasers has helped slow the process. Dr. O’Connor purchased the lasers and we treated at her office. My husband continued to have better speech flow, memory and alertness. His walking is smoother. One year later, testing shows him still at stage one and passing tests he failed one year ago. We feel this procedure has kept him in Stage One, and although it won’t cure the disease, it will stave off the progression. It gives us great hope for the future as disease progresses,
Just a side note, I was treated with the anti-aging laser on my face. My facial lines were smoother and a scar I had in my neck from a surgery virtually disappeared.
I believe that the Genesis Laser will keep my husband and I living the quality of life we so desire.

Patti Phillips

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