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My husband was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia over a year ago. We could not find any help for this, as there is no cure.  We were referred to Dr Antonio Casalini in Orange County who developed these Genesis One lasers. We immediately went down for treatments with Dr. Kathy O’Connor, our good friend who was surprised that there might be a treatment for such a severe disease.  She wanted to see for herself if this was real. My husband is stage one and after 5 laser treatments I saw a difference is his alertness, speech flow, and memory. Although this disease cannot be cured, we believe Genesis One Lasers has helped slow the process.

Dr. O’Connor purchased the lasers and we treated at her office.  My husband continued to have better speech flow, memory and alertness. His walking is smoother.  One year later, testing shows him still at stage one and passing tests he failed one year ago.  We feel this procedure has kept him in Stage One, and although it won’t cure the disease, it will stave off the progression.  It gives us great hope for the future as disease progresses.

Just a side note, I was treated with the anti-aging laser on my face.  My facial lines were smoother and a scar I had in my neck from a surgery virtually disappeared.

I believe that the Genesis Laser will keep my husband and I living the quality of life we so desire.


Patti Phillips

My retiring chiropractor introduced me to Dr. O’Connor.  I love how she treats my cervical problems without twisting my neck.

However, it wasn’t till I got very sick with a virus that she revealed her skills went beyond chiropractic adjustments. I had this virus for over two weeks. It had left me feeling fatigued and short of breath. My lungs felt very heavy. Traditional medicine told me they could do nothing for me. Just go home and rest. When explaining my situation with Dr. O’Connor, she told me about her laser treatment. I would lay under this warm light for 40 minutes and it could help. I was amazed after just one 40 minute treatment how much easier I could breath.  My energy level got better everyday and by day 2, I was full of energy and busy living my life. The focal point in Dr. O’Connor’s practice is to bring wellness and well being into the community.  She is continually exploring and learning new effective ways to help her clients with a wide variety of problems.

Sharon Gehrke, Retired Nurse

I fell and my leg swelled tremendously. There was also a cut in my calf which got infected and
did not heal for 5 months. At that point Dr. O’Connor suggested to treat the pain and inflammation with
the Genesis One lasers. I had only 3 treatments and the pain and inflammation completely went away
and the wound coincidentally also healed. My wound specialist was amazed at how fast the healing
progressed once the laser had been introduced. An added bonus was a reduction of fat around the
It was great receiving multiple lasting benefits from one modality.
Thank you Dr. Kathy

Lory Ortelle

“I have had the opportunity to use Dr. Kathy O’Connor’s Genesis One laser treatments to help with weight loss and removal of excess fat. My results were amazing! I lost a total of 18 pounds and many inches. I went down two pant sizes. I was careful with my diet and exercised yet I was previously unable to get my weight down this much changes in the last 10 years. The key is the laser is actually melting the fat off my reserve fat areas of hips, stomach and buttocks. My treatments were months ago and I have kept the weight off!! I highly recommend her laser treatments. They really work!!”

Laura Mattos

I was referred to Dr. O’Connor three months into a fairly debilitating concussion, sustained in a car accident. Upon listening and understanding that my workdays spent on the computer were severely limited by my brainfog, fatigue, and dull headaches, Dr. O’Connor recommended three laser therapy sessions to improve symptoms. 24 hours following the first session (which was a relaxing ten minutes with no discomfort), I was a new person! My daily headache disappeared, and so did my brain fog and fatigue. It was transformative and allowed me to get back to work and my daily exercise routine. When the symptoms reappeared about six weeks later, a final laser treatment took care of the symptoms once again.

I don’t know what I would do without Dr. O’Connor’s expertise on my pain management and well-being. I don’t believe in our “take a pill” western culture of medicines, and thankfully she has the right approach and resources! I am forever grateful to you Dr. O!

Kelly K

The healing experience I have seen with my patients and personally utilizing the Genesis One Lasers is tremendous.
I realized that Chiropractic adjustments alone with some patients wasn’t enough. They just didn’t have enough energy to heal on their own. I began seeking additional modalities to help patients heal and heal quicker. I began utilizing laser with great success.

I have used K-laser for more than 14 years and have been very happy with the results. Lasers increase blood circulation and consequently that increases ATP/ energy. This is the mechanism that increases healing within the body. With those slow healing patients, I could use lasers to literally increase their bodies energy to heal and to heal quicker than they could on their own steam so to speak.
Now, having been lucky enough to have found Dr. Antonio Casalini and his Genesis One Lasers, I am operating in a whole other league. Because of the strength, multiple frequencies and Ionized Oxygen being emitted simultaneously there are a multitude of additional conditions that can be addressed.

I have seen symptoms backed off/reduced or eliminated in conditions such as Lewy Body Dementia, Parkinson’s, a 5-month-old open unhealing seeping wound sealed up and gone in 1 week, Lymphedema, Post Covid lung symptoms, Asthma, Chemotherapy side effects, fat reduction (literally reserve fats spots reduce), all manner of chronic, painful conditions such as Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel, many forms of Tendonitis, Neuropathy, Antiaging/Wrinkle reduction and the list continues.

Also understand in the above-mentioned degenerative conditions and all conditions, we are not treating/curing anything. However, the lasers can reduce and/or eliminate symptomatology to a level where a better life, potentially symptom-free can be achieved. Some conditions are eliminated, and some require tune-ups. I have yet to have a patient not have a result. All conditions, people and their situations are different and so everyone’s requirements for use of the lasers varies. To maintain a symptom-free life they may have to alter their diet or lifestyle for example.
I feel so grateful for the genius of Dr. Antonio and his Genesis One Lase inventions. He is making a better life for so many people, mine included!

Dr. Kathy O’Connor

I came to Dr. O’Connor for a severe pain in my foot. I also had low back pain but didn’t know the two were connected. I had actually gone to the ER of the local hospital but they found nothing. Dr. O’Connor took X-rays and did a few other tests to determine the problem was a pinched nerve in my back. After the first treatment I felt tremendously better. She has all kinds of other treatments like lasers to fix other issues as well. I have only good things to say about Dr. O’Connor and her staff.

Chris Elzi

I am very pleased with the results from my NMT treatments, with Dr. O’Connor! I was suffering from chronic allergies to weeds/grass & milk products/caffeine/sugar, an autoimmune disease, major PMS, & anxiety. I was tired of depending on medications, that kept me sick. After the first treatment, I could feel my body starting to heal! By the third treatment, my allergies were greatly reduced, along with my PMS, autoimmune disease symptoms & my anxiety. I no longer need to resort to medication. This is truly an amazing drug free way to heal mind, body & spirit. Dr. O’Connor is a gifted healer that is dedicated to helping her patients feel better!



“I experienced a sudden attack of extreme pain in my lower back on June 22, 1996, which completely immobilized me. Two painful trips to medical doctors, who prescribed rest and pain medication did nothing to relieve the pain. I stumbled upon one of Dr. O’Connor’s ads and in spite of being very skeptical, I decided to give it a try. I was impressed by her sophisticated diagnostic equipment, which indicated that my lower back pain was originating from a problem in my neck. During the first adjustment, I could actually feel the pain dissipating and after a few more treatments, I could pick up my three year old daughter again and go back to work and tend to my garden. I am now virtually free of pain and I am very grateful, that Dr. O’Connor had the equipment and the knowledge to pinpoint the source of my pain and to treat it so effectively.”
— Larry Koagedal

“I had been having severe lower back pain for the past six years. It was hard to sit or bend over. I also had a pain running down the outside of my leg. Back surgery didn’t work neither did medicine. I was walking and standing crooked to help relieve the pain. As a last hope before a second surgery I tried Kathy. After the first visit the pain in my leg was gone. After a few more visits I was standing normally and able to bend over and pick up my granddaughter. I have also sent my father, who had a failed back surgery, in to see Kathy. He also is now pain free. Kathy takes the time to find out where you hurt and helps take the pain away.”
— Diane Kelman

“When I first went to see Dr. O’Connor, it was on a referral from my daughter-in-law. I was skeptical but hopeful, as no other chiropractor and actually fixed my dizziness, low back or knee pain. She totally got rid of all my pain and dizziness and it stayed away! I only have to see her now when I re-injure myself.”
— Bob Maddalena

Vertigo and headaches were ailments that brought me to Dr. O’Connor. After my very first visit these symptoms disappeared and I was able to lay on my back without feeling terrible. Incidentally, I’d like to add that I’m pregnant and Dr. O’Connor has kept me from having low back pain. I want her to check my child immediately after the birth for subluxation (spinal misalignment). I really enjoy my visits because of Kathy’s open and approachable personality. I have had regular chiropractic care for years due to numerous accidents and I find I’m getting the best results ever from the technique used in my present treatment by Dr. O’Connor.”
— Cathy Daly

“A good golf swing won’t hurt your back, but my back was misaligned due to years of competitive rodeo. I had lost mobility in my hips and shoulders when rotating. I also had constant neck pain and lower back spasms. All of these things were really hampering my golf swing. I decided to go to Dr. O’Connor because she had advanced equipment that I had not seen before and her free exam was so complete. Thanks to Dr. O’Connor’s type of adjustments and occasional check ups, all the pain is gone. Her type of care gave me complete mobility without pain. As a result I am now hitting the ball longer and straighter than before.”
— Pete Adams

“As a nurse who has been trained in the medical model, I have always been skeptical of chiropractors. Three months ago when I bent down to pick up my sixteen-month-old son I felt excruciating pain. I ran to my doctor. After six weeks of drugs, tests, and not being able to care for my son, I was begging for surgery to relieve the pain. My surgery was scheduled for a few weeks away. My husband had just been in to see Dr. O’Connor, who was recommended by a friend, for his chronic lower back pain and he was singing her praises. Being desperate for relief, I decided to try her. After my very first visit the pain was immediately relieved. It took another few weeks for me to become pain free, and by then I was convinced. I canceled my surgery, and I’m now running and jumping with my son again!”
— Kim Haelen

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